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Amber Gunnell, LMT, CFZP

Utah Holistic Arts is owned and operated by Amber Gunnell, LMT, CFZP, Foot Zone and Massage Therapy Instructor

I finished massage school in 1999, and since then have had a never-ending desire to learn more about holistic healing.

I started my study of herbs not long after massage school, and have used alternative medicine my entire adult life. Herbs and other natural remedies have been a constant help through raising 4 children, and helping heal many illnesses in our family. My herbalist certification is through The School of Natural Healing.

My husband is a chiropractor, and we have loved our complimentary fields of study. We each have learned so much from each other.

I certified as a Foot Zone Practitioner in 2016 through Wellness Life Zone – Foot Zone Academy, and added this wonderful modality to my years of experience with body work. It has been a gift to utilize this tool in my practice.

I’ve always used subtle energy healing in my body work, but for the last several years have actively acquired new skills and modalities to add my work. It has amplified my ability to assist people in their healing path.

I added My Perfection Healing, an energy technique, in 2016, as well as EFT Coaching (Emotional Freedom Technique) .

In 2017, became a foot zone instructor, added Reiki to my resume, as well as began training new massage therapists in a licensed massage therapy apprentice program.

I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and believe the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer of all.

I am located in South Salt Lake County, Utah.

Email me at utahholisticarts@ gmail.com or Click Here

or message me on Facebook at Facebook.com/utahholisticarts

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