Become a Massage Therapist

Utah Holistic Arts Offers a Licensed Massage Therapy Apprentice Program

Massage Therapy Apprentice programs are unique. You get all the same quality information that a school would provide, but in a one-on-one and hands-on experience with a professional licensed massage therapist. You also have the benefit of being licensed as an apprentice under your supervising massage therapist with the ability to make money as you train. Many other professions do similar training (plumbers, electricians, etc.).IMG_1952

This unique way of learning a new profession allows students to avoid costly education debt and gain valuable business experience. The process also allows each apprentice to build their clientele as they train. Apprentices leave the program with a working knowledge of creating their own massage therapy business and their clientele already established.

The program takes about 1 year to complete. Utah requires 580 classroom hours (classroom and hands-on), and 300 student clinic hours for each massage apprentice (that equals out to be about 1.5 days in class and 1.5 days in clinic). Our program provides that and more. We also teach each of our students foot zoning.

Once the program is complete, our apprentices will be proficient massage therapists that specialize in foot zoning. We also bring in other professionals to learn from as featured guest speakers. Each apprentice will learn about all kinds of massage and bodywork, along with many other holistic therapies.

Choosing our massage apprentice program over a massage school gives you 7 major benefits:

  1. Costs considerably less than massage schools
  2. One-on-one training
  3. Opportunity of NO education debt
  4. Make money while in training
  5. Proficient in foot zone therapy, as well as massage therapy
  6. Extensive business training
  7. A clientele base being built while training

We do have a waiting list, so don’t delay!

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