The Vagus Nerve & the Mind Body Connection

This article touched on some very important points. Our bodies need a mind/body connection in order to process emotions fully.

What is Foot Zoning?

IMG_1826Similar to Reflexology in its main focus being manual work on the feet, foot zoning goes a step further by being very detailed. Just like other modalities like acupuncture or EFT (tapping), foot zoning uses pressure on certain points on the foot to communicate with the body.

While “triggering” or zoning these points, a specific map is followed. This “map”, or zone, signals to the brain and to that specific area of the body to encourage homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s way of keeping balanced and functioning properly.

A foot zone not only works on a physical level, but on an emotional one as well. All memories and emotions are not only created in the body, but can also be stored there. The organs of the body all connect to these memories and emotions. While a specific organ or system is being zoned, a physical and/or emotional change can take place. Foot zoning, being another form of energy and body work, can encourage whole body connection, balance, increased health, and emotional wellness.