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Energy – Spiritual or Natural?

When I first learned about energy work I was not keen on a lot of it. I was young (early 20’s and very prudish). This was in massage school in 1998. I did adopt Therapeutic Touch (a modality) into my practice, because even though I was ultra careful about “new age” stuff I could actually feel energy using this modality. Along with feeling energy, I had a basic understanding of magnets, heat and the basics learned in science classes. That amount of “energy” made sense to me and didn’t set off red flags. Again, I was super cautious. I used some of these basic techniques all through my practice but never delved into a lot of modalities until later. I adopted new ideas gradually as I felt comfortable with them. So, my roots in energy work were in massage school and very basic as it related to nature, biology, and techniques that are generally accepted worldwide.

Basically, my feeling is – moving and feeling energy is a basic part of nature. It’s as basic as the pull that magnets have. It’s science. Anyone can do it. It’s as simple as breathing, and access to utilizing it is free to all. You just have to practice if you aren’t naturally in tune. It’s a blessing given to all. There’s nothing mystical about it. It’s as basic as the tide, and complex as a flower. It’s interwoven into every aspect of life. Energy is life, and life is energy.

People make all kinds of things into mysticism when it’s just so simple and has nothing to do with magic. Energy is not mystical, it’s nature. God created everything through energy, so God is “in” everything (and inherently spiritual), but labeling energy healing a spiritual or mystical thing is like calling an apple a spiritual apple. It was created by God originally, but it’s a part of nature. It’s a given that it’s a spiritual thing in essence, with no need to add the extra label.

God created us and the universe which makes us all interconnected and all able to tap in to that “energy” if we choose. We are all spiritual beings experiencing a mortal experience. So, being spiritually connected to a higher power seems natural. And, if you are religious, those beliefs are also woven into who you are and how you perceive the world. But, since energy belongs to all, each person utilizes this energy for different purposes. Evil people can use it to manipulate, and good people can use it to heal.

Because sometimes it can seem or feel miraculous, people label energy healing as magic or voodoo.  Some energy workers can be evil and do evil things, but most energy workers have nothing but altruistic intentions. Most utilize God as their source for guidance in their work. And, most energy healers I know, access The Light of Christ to assist them as well. I believe the more help from heaven, the better! I choose to do all the work I do with the help from God, in all aspects of my life, not just in my holistic practice but in parenting, my marriage, my interactions with others, etc. I also recognize my talents are a gift from God.

Thinking about other gifts from God that are spiritual in nature, but not a “spiritual gift” are people who are naturally in tune to the earth, animals, plants, and more. Some people are naturally more sensitive and good with animals. They can “feel” the need of the animal. We don’t label them “spiritually gifted”, they are just talented and sensitive. I think being natural with energy healing is a gift or talent. God gave us many talents and gifts, but just because it’s related to energy healing doesn’t mean it’s now a spiritual gift as compared to other gifts and talents.

Energy is also like music. Some are just better at understanding the language of it, the way it flows, and how it works together. But, again, anyone can be good at music if they practice. This gift is also spiritual in nature, but not considered a “spiritual gift.” My grandma has a “green thumb.” She can get anything to grow beautifully. Somehow she is in tune with nature in this way. I think her natural energy is tuned in to plants. She understands and “feels” their needs and can respond to them, which encourages their growth. This talent is not considered a spiritual gift, but it is also spiritual or energetic in nature.

I was not naturally gifted with energy healing. I was more naturally in tune with healing touch. Understanding massage and the healing benefits of it was a talent/gift. But, sensing and using energy was not a natural gift for me. I just learned how to pay attention and worked on it. I’m good at what I do now because of years of paying attention, practicing, and working on my talents. I think people are lucky and blessed to naturally see or feel energy, but I also think anyone can acquire those talents if they want. I see energy healing as a healing art, like massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc. Occupations in the healing arts are filled with people who are naturally in tune to the energy of the human body. I think that’s what drew them to those fields of study, and why they are especially good at their jobs.

Similar ideas apply to people who are empathic (physically feeling other people’s feelings). Being an empath is just varying levels of sensitivity. I am empathic when I foot zone, but I can “turn it off” if I just stop paying attention. Being empathic for me was learned. I learned to be more sensitive, to pay attention to what I felt as I worked. Many people throughout history have done the same. They attuned their senses to the human body, and then paid attention to patterns. Then, they tracked those patterns and recorded them. So much of what we know about the human body is due to people paying attention and writing down their observations – anatomy, psychology, emotional triggers, energy flow, and so much more.

I think there are widely varying degrees of talent in the energy healing world, and widely varying degrees of sensitivity. The talents, gifts, education, training, and practice vary in the healing arts like any other profession. This is what I’ve felt and observed over the years as I have practiced in the healing arts. I’m grateful for my gifts and talents in this field, and grateful to be blessed to learn more as I go.



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