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Foot Zone Using Gemstones

Foot Zone– This is a full zone with gemstones, on the feet. This foot zone includes all the advanced signals, and incorporates the entire body on the feet. This foot zone may include massage where needed. This foot zone is great for those who are new to foot zoning, new clients, or who have limited time available. *This foot zone is typically an hour or less. $65

Extended Foot Zone– This foot zone is the full foot zone utilizing gemstones, with an emphasis in the mind/body connection allowing time for emotional processing, or massage on the feet. This foot zone includes all the advanced signals, and incorporates the entire body on the feet. This foot zone will take longer, allowing time for more depth, will incorporate EFT, chakra balancing, or other methods of emotional processing, and may include massage if needed. *This zone is typically 1.5 to 2 hours. $90

A Body Zone

Massage Zone – This massage is part foot zone, part massage. This massage includes a gemi-zone (quick foot zone with gems), and utilizes foot zone points with deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques. It also incorporates EFT and/or chakra/energy balancing if needed. This massage is not a typical massage and may or may not require disrobing and may or may not be full body. The focus will be to flow to each area of need through myofascial work, foot zone and meridian points, and massage techniques. This massage does incorporate deep tissue work as needed, and is excellent for chronic pain. *One hour ($80) and 1.5 hour ($120) sessions are offered.

Chakra/Energy Balancing with Gemstones

Chakra/Energy Balancing Session – This hands-on gentle energy healing technique includes gemstones (in person), and Reiki techniques, and may be combined with other bodywork sessions. This technique may or may not require disrobing, depending on if other massage techniques are combined at the time. *30 or 60 minute sessions available – $30 or $60 respectively.

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EFT (Tapping)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Coaching – This is a one-on-one interactive session, coaching you through the EFT technique to release physical or emotional issues. *This coaching session is typically one hour. $40

EFT Coaching Group Sessions – All the benefits of EFT but in a group setting. Watch my Facebook page for dates and times. Typically 2 hours. $10 per person

*All time frames mentioned are for established clients. New clients should expect a slightly longer time frame for filling out intake forms and consultation.

As a reminder, all appointments include a brief consultation to discuss areas of need and choosing gems. Late arrivals still include this brief consultation, but the time clock will be shortened due to tardiness.

Online scheduling